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TFWC - Capitol District Awards 2016

Award Place
Outstanding Club Woman Volunteer - Virginia Pargmann 1st
GFWC Fundraising 1st
Outstanding Federation Program 2nd
GFWC Junior Special Project 2nd
GFWC Home Life Department 2nd

GFWC State Awards 2016

Award Place
Scholarship Program 1st

SGWC Club Woman of the Year

Past Awards

San Gabriel Woman's Club Outstanding Club Woman Volunteers of the Year of the Capitol District of the Texas Federation of Women's Club

The following Honoree's were selected from candidates submitted by 12 districts and 18 clubs in the Capitol District of the TFWC for their contributions through volunteering activities in their community.

  • Jeannine Fairburn 1997-98
  • Tomi Spence 2000-01
  • Nancy Snead 2006-07
  • Mary Martha Denham 2009-10
  • Jean Holden 2010-11

TFWC - Capitol District Awards 2012-2013

Award Place
Yearbook Cover: Whimsical 1st
Juniors Special Project "Advocates for Children" 1st
Fundraising 1st
Outstanding Club Woman Volunteer 1st
Domestic Violence Awareness 1st
Leadership 1st
Arts 1st
Outstanding Federation Day Program 1st
Outstanding Club Program 2nd
Home Life 2nd
International Outreach 2nd

Capitol District President's Awards 2012-2013

  • Outstanding Club President's Narrative
  • Outstanding Convention Host Club, Spring Convention 2013
  • Protocol: Protocol Petunia‚Äôs Summer Workshop 2012

GFWC State Awards 2012-2013

Award Place
GFWC Junior's Special Project 1st
Yearbook Cover: Whimsical 1st
GFWC Signature Project 2nd

Previous Awards

GFWC Texas State Awards

April 26, 2012

2012 GFWC State Awards
Award Place
Shining Star Award for Membership Jean Holden
Advocacy for Children 1st
Whimsical Yearbook Cover 1st
Education 1st
Narrative Award for District Domestic Awareness Chairman 1st
Scholarship 2nd

TFWC State Competition

April 29, 2011 - Galveston, Texas

2011 State Awards
Award Place
TFWC Outstanding Clubwoman/Volunteer of the Year Jean Holden
Conservation 1st
U.T.M.D. Anderson Cancer Center 1st
Website Design and Development 1st

TFWC Capitol District Spring Conference

March 16, 2011 - Franklin, Texas
18 Clubs in Capitol District

2011 Capitol District Spring Conference Awards
Award Place
Yearbook Cover 1st
SGWC Leadership Award 1st
TFWC Capitol District - Outstanding Clubwoman/Volunteer Award Jean Holden 1st
Outstanding Federation Day Program 1st
International Outreach 1st
Education 1st
Education 2nd
Conservation 1st
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center 1st
Fundraising 1st
Women's History 1st
Advocates for Children 1st
Domestic Violence 1st
Public Affairs 2nd
Historical Places/Things 2nd

January to December 2009

Reports Committee

  • Beverly Gerding
  • Tomi Spence
  • Bonnie Haynes
  • Jean Houck
  • Jean Holden
Award Competition Place
Yearbook Cover Design TFWC 1st
Outstanding Club/Woman Volunteer of the Year
Mary Martha Denham
TFWC 1st
TFWC President's Project/Domestic Violence TFWC 1st
Creative Arts GFWC 1st
Cross Reference Special Projects TFWC 2nd
Fundraiser GFWC 1st
Outstanding Club Program (Camp Agape) TFWC 2nd
Advocates/Children (Camp Agape) Cross Reference GFWC 1st
Scholarship TFWC 2nd
Texas Heritage (Aprons) GFWC and TFWC 1st
UT M.D. Anderson Project Sewing TFWC 1st
Outstanding Federation Program TFWC 2nd
Cross Leadership GFWC 2nd