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San Gabriel Woman's Club - GFWC and TFWC - Federated

The idea of the San Gabriel Woman's Club, according to founding member Juanita Johnson, was "born" over coffee cups in the Oakcrest Subdivision in early 1974. The three women's clubs which existed in Georgetown at the time were the Georgetown Newcomer's Club, Georgetown Woman's Club and Georgetown Study Club, the latter two of which were at full membership. After brainstorming sessions with Jackie Richardson, Donna Barksdale, Carla Perry, Kathie Holmans and Dee Dee Abbot, Juanita asked the Georgetown Woman's Club to sign and sponsor an application for a new federated club. They agreed, and after the Austin Woman's Federation co-signed, the Georgetown Woman's Club appointed a committee to send invitations to prospective members. Juanita, Patsy Brady, Dorothy Leffler and Ann McKay met in Patsy Brady's home,and addressed 75 invitations to women they thought might be interest in joining a federated woman's club.

Juanita invited TFWC President Harriet W. Whatley to Georgetown to meet with 50 women at the first National Bank. Temporary officers were chosen and committees were formed. The committees met and prepared suggestions for a club name, motto, color, flower, etc. First President, Carla Perry, chose her theme, "Something Old - Something New", and the San Gabriel Woman's Club was off and running. SGWC is in the Capitol District of the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs.

Texas Federation of Women's Clubs

The Texas Federation of Women's Literary Clubs was organized in Waco on May 14, 1897. The Woman's Club of Waco, as hostess, issued the invitations to a meeting and credit is given to the Wednesday Club of Fort Worth for having originated the idea for the meeting. Eighteen clubs sent delegates, and 3 other clubs responded with greetings and letters of application.

The first annual convention was held in Tyler, April 27-29, 1898. This convention adopted the resolution "that the establishment of Public Free Libraries in Texas be adopted as the work of the Federation".

At the second annual convention of the Texas Federation of Literary Clubs, held in Galveston, April 25-27, 1889, membership in the General Federation of Women's Clubs was favored by unanimous vote. Other action of this convention was "to strike out the limiting word 'literary from the name" - thus becoming the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs.

At the 1930 convention in Houston, it was voted unanimously to build a permanent headquarters building in Austin. The site, San Gabriel at 24th St., was selected in March 1931, ground was broken in November 1931 and the cornerstone laid in January 1932.